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The value of your Agent (Buyer)

Tools to help you find your next home

Navigating the intricate realm of real estate transactions can be a daunting task, but having a seasoned Long Island real estate agent by your side can make all the difference. Their wealth of knowledge and skillset extend far beyond providing mere guidance. These professionals excel at uncovering hidden gems in the market and masterfully negotiating optimal deals. Discover the extensive range of over 80 tasks that your agent can complete for you, ensuring that your real estate journey is not only smooth but also highly rewarding.


01 Research and review current and recent past market inventory.

02 Monitor the market and listing activity on a daily basis for new listings and updates on already listed properties.

03 Check Compass Coming Soon and Private Exclusive listings to see new-to-market listings exclusive to Compass.

04 Participate in office Sales Meetings and network with other agents to understand more about properties coming to market soon.

05 Participate in broker tours to preview properties and network with community agents.

06 Attend public open homes to understand on-market inventory and the activity at the open homes


07 Establish a communication plan that suits the buyers’ preferences.

08 Share market trends and data with clients so they understand the current state of the market.

09 Understand financial goals and timeline.

10 Learn goals, needs and preferences on home attributes, locations, etc.

11 Share insight on pricing and availability of preferences in the current market.

12 Set buyers expectations on hyper-local market conditions.

13 Confirm areas of preference as they relate to home buyer needs and goals.

14 Suggest pre-approval for a mortgage and lender recommendations, if needed.

15 Collect lender commitment or pre-approval letter.

16 Walk client through sample purchase agreement and outline plan and process.

17 Gather client signature on any required agency engagement forms.


18 Search listings that match client preferences.

19 Set up a Collection of property listings so client has an auto-update of all new and relevant listings.

20 Gather client feedback on listings.

21 Revisit budget or search criteria, if necessary.

22 Curate search and initial showing list.

23 Share updated listings with client as they become available.

24 Monitor relevant listings for changes in price and status.

25 Review client notes on properties in the Collection and understand which homes to remove from consideration.

26 Communicate with client through Collections or any other preferred means of communication.

Viewing Properties

27 Understand the client’s availability for seeing homes.

28 Coordinate showings with the client and listing agent.

29 Obtain showing information about the property, including how to access the property.

30 Create and share tour sheets with itinerary and listing information with the client and all showing attendees.

31 Tour listings with client.

32 Understand and accommodate unique client needs for tours.

33 Capture client’s feedback about each property visited.

34 Share the client’s feedback with listing agent.

35 Send client a tour recap email.

36 Contact the listing agent for more information on disclosures and timelines.

37 Understand if the client wants to submit an offer on a home.

38 Repeat these steps until client is ready to make an offer.


39 Provide market and property-specific insights to the client as they consider an offer decision.

40 Review and sign seller disclosure.

41 Create offer package, including all relevant forms.

42 Collect and add client’s documentation to offer package.

43 Strategize on how to best position the offer with regards to terms and conditions.

44 Send offer package to client for review and signing.

45 Contact listing agent to inform them of the offer.

46 Present professional & organized offer package with all relevant documents.

47 Submit completed offer package to the listing agent and confirm receipt.


48 Communicate progress of offer to client.

49 Review any received counter offers from seller.

50 Strategize with client on response to counter offer.

51 Add and fill counter offer and relevant forms.

52 Send counter offer package to client for review.

53 Collect all required signatures for counter offer.

54 Submit completed counter offer package to listing agent and confirm receipt.

55 Receive executed offer package from listing agent.

56 Contact client to inform them the offer was accepted!


57 Provide a list of qualified home inspectors that service the area.

58 Confirm date and time of inspection with listing agent.

59 Share offer package with client attorney.

60 Introduce any assistants or brokerage staff who will help with the closing.

61 Communicate earnest money, down payment and contingencies with all parties.

62 Arrange earnest money delivery.

63 Create closing timeline and transaction overview.


64 Track closing progress and provide regular updates to client.

65 Ensure earnest money funds are submitted to the brokerage or sellers attorney.

66 Communicate with buyer client attorney regarding updates on contingencies and title.

67 Communicate with buyer lender regarding conditions and contingencies.

68 Communicate with client and lender regarding clear to close.

69 Coordinate with sellers agent to arrange pre-closing property visits.

70 Attend buyer client property visits.

71 Ensure MLS status has been updated by seller’s agent.


72 Verify closing date with Lender.

73 Confirm closing date with Attorney.

74 Submit client’s transaction summary to brokerage.

75 Request list of seller’s service providers from listing agent.

76 Share utilities guide with client.

77 Remind client to notify utility service about transfer of services on closing date.

78 Remind client to update USPS mailing address.

79 Recommend movers and design/construction vendors, if applicable.

80 Coordinate final walkthrough with seller’s agent.

81 Schedule final walkthrough with buyer client.

82 Attend final walkthrough with buyer client.

83 Attend closing with buyer client attorney.

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